About Us

Hello! I’m Sarah, 25 and I live with my husband, Nathan and my one year old son, Oliver, in Suffolk. Back in October 2015 we surprisingly found out I was pregnant with our first child, and since then our world has completely changed for the better. I’m now a stay at home mum and winging it as being a parent.

I started this blog back in May 2016 as I knew I wouldn’t be returning back to work after my maternity finished. I wanted some sort of a creative outlet to keep me sane whilst being at home looking after our son. I love sharing my honest thoughts on parenting, tips, reviews and how things aren’t always perfect in the parenting world – far from it sometimes! If you stick around you’ll have to put up with my frequent spam of photos of my son!

I’m tattooed, bubbly and sometimes very awkward. When I’m not blogging or spending time with my family I’ll usually be photographing, playing a game (I’m a huge nerd), or baking some form of a sweet treat.


Featured Photo: Lina and Tom Photography