Just Buttons Blog

Hey, thanks for sticking around on my blog! I’m Sarah – the woman behind the keyboard of Just Buttons Blog. I live in Suffolk with my husband and son, and I’m winging being a stay at home mother! I love to bake, photograph and I’m a pro at being awkward.

Why do I write Just Buttons Blog?

I love having a space on the internet that I get to call my own. In my IRL friend-circle I’m the only mother, so I’m pretty sure I’d bore the hell out of them if I talked to them all about being a parent. That’s why this is a Mummy and Lifestyle blog. I love being a parent. It comes with so many challenges and obstacles, and I’m pretty much winging myself through it!

I’m super happy that you’ve decided to stick around on my blog. I hope you enjoy yourself here! If you’d like to get to know me more you can also find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You’ll find me posting random daily things we get up to.

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Oliver and I on the train