Fun Places To Visit In The UK With Children

I frequently lust over places to visit abroad, but I always seem to forget just how great the UK is. There are lots of places to visit in the UK that are great for children.



Not only is York a beautiful city it also has lots to do with children including; York’s chocolate story, York Dungeon and the Yorkshire museum. There’s a lot to do for all ages so suitable for all families.


Liverpool is obviously a great place for little football fans, but there is also a lot of exciting things to do on a trip to Liverpool for the whole family! Groupon is a great website that has lots of great deals to save you money – not going to lie but I love saving a bit of money anywhere I can!


There are some great things to do in London that would be perfect for children; the London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure, plenty of museums, and all easily accessible on the underground! When I was younger I loved going to the science museum. I can’t wait for the first day I take Oliver there!


Edinburgh is somewhere I would love to take Oliver one day. I think the city is absolutely beautiful and there’s lots of places to take children including the Edinburgh dungeons, camera obscura & world of illusions, and the museum of childhood.

Isle of Wight

We went to the Isle of Wight with Oliver last year and we loved it. There is so much for children to do and there is always a great deal on at the attractions, including tickets that are valid for a whole week instead of one day. Our favourite place to visit was Robin Hill which we went back to a few times.


I want to make sure I travel the UK a lot more often this year. You don’t have to stress about travelling that much and it costs so much less. Where are your favourite places to visit in the UK? Let me know in the comments!


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