How To Host an Amazing Dinner Party on a Budget

We all love spending time with friends and family, and it’s even better when they all come over to your place! Hosting a dinner party can be so much better than going out to eat; you don’t need to deal with the travel plans, it’s much cheaper for everyone, at the end of the night you’re only 10 seconds away from your couch and you can cook exactly what everyone likes!

However, with no one else sharing the cost and the effort of hosting, it can get a little stressful, but we’ve put together 5 tips that we hope will help you create a fantastic dinner party on a small budget!



Because you’re supplying all the food and cooking, one fantastic thing to do to help your guests get merry is ask them to bring their own drinks. They’ll understand you’re paying for all the food, so they won’t mind paying for their drinks. You should still supply some drinks yourself (especially the ones you personally like!), but make it clear the bar is ‘communal’ and everyone will have a great time trying new things!

Buy in bulk

If you have a discount to a bulk buying store, now would be the time to use it! Buying in bulk is almost always cheaper than buying single items, so if you can buy paper towels, non-perishable foods and other things you may need throughout the year, you will save money in the long run!

Food planning

Doing a great food plan goes a long way to saving on your food budget! Look at what you already have in your kitchen, plan out what you can add to those to create dishes, and always buy simple, basic ingredients that you can then create dishes from. Don't buy anything pre-made if you can help it, as they’ll end up more expensive than making it from scratch, and your guests can normally tell the difference very quickly! It’s also a good idea to buy any produce you can either on sale or in-season, as these will be cheaper!

Where to get cheap but good quality food and drink

Any local supermarket to you will be a fantastic place to buy fresh produce, and as stated above, there will always be fruit and veg in-season and on sale, as well as any beers and spirits you might need for your party. A fantastic place to buy non-perishables would be Amazon, as they start to offer discounts when you buy in bulk, helping your budget stretch further throughout the year! Finally, a fantastic place to buy wine specifically is Virgin Wines – here’s where you can find a Virgin Wines voucher. They have fantastic range of wines for a small budget and it’s one way to amaze your guests!

Time of day

Finally, it’s worth thinking about the time of day you’re hosting your party. If you have an evening dinner party, then guests will be there until very late, or all night, continuing to drink. What if you do a lunch-time BBQ that doesn’t require as much of a bar; just a few beers and some Prosecco? Or even a brunch get-together where you can skip the alcohol altogether and make it much healthier on your waistline and your wallet!


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