Weekend With A Toddler

I love the weekend. Nathan is off from work so we can spend time as a family. Having a toddler means every weekend is different which I love! The lovely Helen, from The Hels Project, has a gorgeous boy who is just 2 months younger than Oliver, and we love talking about our boys and updating each other on how they’re doing.

We’re always talking about what we got up to at the weekend so we thought it would be really fun to each write a diary of what we got up to last weekend. These boys have so many similarities and differences, so it’s going to be really interesting to read Helen’s diary, which you can find here.

So, here’s my diary of what we got up to last weekend!

Saturday 17th March


3:30am – We woke up to Oliver crying. After numerous attempts of settling him down we ended up bringing him into our bed…

6:20am – We, again, woke up to Oliver screaming. After about 10 minutes he eventually calmed down which is when we realised he was scared of Daddy’s new hair cut! Nathan gave him lots of love and attention to reassure Oliver that it was Daddy, and within a couple of minutes Oliver was fine!

6:50am – After admitting defeat that we weren’t going to get a lie in we eventually got out of bed and went downstairs for breakfast.

7:45am – Nathan and I did a few things around the house whilst Oliver played with some toys. He then had a cuddle with Nathan and fell asleep on his lap, so we took this opportunity to have a little nap too!

9:00am – We all woke up and Oliver was in a good mood – thank god as he’s been rather grumpy lately! We went back downstairs and I grabbed Oliver an Organix Carrot Cake cereal bar for a mid-morning snack. Nathan and I cooked ourselves Mexican Eggs for brunch, as we didn’t eat breakfast… Whoops.

11:30am – Whilst the boys played and watched TV together, I spent an hour or so writing a blog post. I love having Nathan home at the weekends as it gives me some time to work on my blog without feeling guilty. Once I was done I went into the kitchen, loaded the dish washer and got lunch ready. Oliver had a peanut butter sandwich and a banana, whilst Nathan and I just had a small snack as we were still satisfied with our brunch.

12:30pm – For anyone who know’s me IRL, you’ll know I tend to lose track of time. Well, of course, this happened. Any parent out there will know it’s stressful to rush around with a toddler… I quickly jumped into the shower and Oliver joined me, as we missed bath time the night before.

1:30pm – One of my favourite bits; picking Oliver’s outfit. Any other parent out there think your child is better dressed than you are?! That’s definitely the case with us… We all got dressed, bags packed and ready to go see his Grandparents.




1:50pm – But of course Oliver managed to squeeze in a quick tantrum before we left – Would you believe he went from this smiley happy boy to full on crying on the floor…

2:00pm – Finally after many tears of ‘Really Mum? Another photo?’ we headed off in the car on the way to see Oliver’s Grandparents. Oliver had a nice long snooze in the car which we weren’t expecting, as he now only naps once a day. The early morning must have got to him – If only they knew lie-in’s are great!


3:00pm – We arrived at Oliver’s grandparents and he went straight into the living room over to his toy corner. Within a matter of minutes the toys were all over the floor – as usual! At this point I’d dropped Nathan off at a suit fitting for his brother’s wedding.

5:15pm – After lots of ‘Dada?’s from Oliver, Nathan, his brothers and Dad had got back from the suit fitting and the whole family was together. This rarely happens so it was lovely!

6:00pm – Dinner time! Oliver had chicken nuggets and chips (with the attempt of vegetables as usual which he said no to), and we had peri peri spatchcock chicken, with extra bits, cooked by my lovely mother-in-law.


Wearing his Uncle Adam’s shoes.

8:00pm – An hour after Oliver’s bedtime – What a party animal! He was starting to get very tired so we decided to head home. We’re very lucky that Oliver will fall asleep in the car and will transfer from his car seat to his cot very well. On the way home it started to chuck it down with snow which was quite scary as the visibility on the road was rubbish. This added another 20 mins to our drive – Luckily Oliver didn’t wake up once!

9:20pm – We got home, Oliver went to bed, and then it was mummy and daddy time. So what did we do? We sat on the sofa watching YouTube videos. Aren’t we wild…

11:50pm – Bedtime for us adults. We do this every single day. We wake up so tired and say ‘We should go to bed earlier tonight’, but what do we do? We go to bed late.

Sunday 18th March

6:20am – This NEVER happens! The past few months Oliver has been waking up around 3am wanting to come into our bed, even after a late night! This morning though he stayed in his cot till 6:20am!! I couldn’t quite believe it! Nathan went to get him and we brought him into our bed for some morning snuggles.

7:00am – Nathan got up with Oliver as I had a headache, so I stayed in bed for a bit longer (more like a few hours…).

10:20am – I finally ventured out of bed… For the sake of this post I asked Nathan what they both got up to. They got up, had breakfast and spent most of the morning watching Cbeebies or playing with toys – Just what Sunday’s are made for; relaxing!

10:30am – Nathan and I have a habit of leaving breakfast till the last minute, so I cooked us up some cheese on toast – and gave Oliver some so he didn’t feel left out.

11:30am – Oliver was starting to get really grumpy so we put him down for a nap.

12:10pm – For some reason Oliver woke up from his nap and refused to go down again. We’re very lucky that he seems to nap really well and is usually down for at least an hour and a half. We tried to settle him down again but he wasn’t having it. Instead we brought him downstairs for lunch. We had a Slimming World rice dish and Oliver had a cream cheese sandwich and crisps.

12:30pm – We got ready to go to Sutton Hoo for the afternoon, but I wanted to squeeze in a few photos before hand… (I can’t help but think Oliver looks like he’s modelling for ASOS in this next photo!!)




1:20pm – We arrived at Sutton Hoo and it was FREEZING! It was way too cold to walk around. We managed to walk a little way around the site and take some photos, but after a little while we called it a day. My hands were stinging from the cold, so I can’t imagine what it was doing to Oliver’s (as he refused to wear his gloves…)!



The first thing Oliver picks up is the sword… hence the face I’m pulling!



2:30pm – Instead of going home we decided to head to our favourite farm shop up the road from us. We had a nice walk around and picked up a few bits we needed. Oliver happily sat in the trolley desperately trying to pick everything off the shelves he could reach! We always buy Oliver a little treat from the farm shop and this day it was a little biscuit which was demolished in about 30 seconds.



4:00pm – We got home and packed everything away (which Oliver helped us with, this is a new thing and I love it). We then all relaxed and warmed up again before starting dinner.

5:10pm – For dinner Oliver had a pizza – One of those Tesco childrens pizza’s that has carrot in the base. Gotta slip in those vegetables somewhere! Nathan and I had Sizzling red onion steak strips with rice.

6:30pm – Bath time! Oliver had a nice warm bath, played with some toys and then decided he was done and just stood up asking to come ‘up’. We got him ready for bed and then caught the end of In The Night Garden; his favourite TV show.

7:00pm – Off he went to bed! Again, Nathan and I spent the evening not doing much. We played a game together on our PS4 that we’d just bought, then Nathan got too grumpy he wasn’t winning (sorry for including that Nathan!!) so we came off and watched TV together. Then the next thing we knew…

11:30pm – … it was nearly midnight. I was struggling to stay awake at this point so I headed up to bed and Nathan soon followed me.


There we have it, a weekend full of smiles, cuddles, tears, tantrums, but mostly fun. I absolutely loved writing this ‘diary’ of what we got up to last weekend with Oliver. Please don’t forget to visit Helen’s blog and read her weekend with a toddler post! What does a weekend with your children look like usually? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. 23/03/2018 / 9:25 am

    Ohhhh Sarah I absolutely LOVED reading this! I had so much fun documenting and keeping a diary of the weekend, and its so nice seeing what you and your family got up to! Your photos are absolutely beautiful, I love seeing photos of Oliver, he’s growing up so fast! I’m so jealous you can transfer him from car to cot without him waking, Dougie has NEVER let us transfer him from anywhere, he just wakes up immediately, so if we’re heading anywhere after about 4pm we try and keep him awake otherwise a snooze just resets him and its impossible to get him to go to sleep. i LOVE the photo of you, Oliver and the sword! It’s a shame Sutton Hoo was so cold, but at least you know it’ll be great to go back to when it’s a bit warmer! I’ll bring Dougie along and the boys can play!

    Uhhh okay we need to get these vegetable pizzas!! We have that same car seat! Oliver’s reaction to Nathan’s haircut is so sweet and so sad! You never really think about how things like that could confuse a toddler.

    Dougie is ALWAYS better dressed than me, and I spend way more time choosing his outfits than I do my own! I love the clothes Oliver is wearing in this post, he also poses so beautifully for photos! Dougie haaaates having photos taken.

    I loved writing this post and reading yours, we should do it again sometime!
    Hels xxx

  2. 27/03/2018 / 9:32 am

    So lovely to document the every day moments. My kids are older now, and these days do fly by

  3. 27/03/2018 / 1:21 pm

    I love reading posts like this! Plus, I am totally jealous you have a toddler that allows a car to cot transfer, THE DREAM!

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