Ways To Liven Up Your Bedroom

It’s coming up to nearly a year since we moved into our house we live in now. We’ve done a lot of decorating but one room we haven’t given any attention to is our bedroom. For some reason it’s always the last room we give any love to – Probably because it’s not a room guests tend to see. 


Currently there is only one thing I love about our bedroom; our furniture. It’s made out of beautiful solid oak which we bought ages ago, back when I worked in a bed shop. I knew before I left I had to buy from the range – Gotta take advantage of that store discount right?!

Apart from our furniture I’m not keen on the rest of the room. It’s dull and lacks life. It’s in desperate need of livening up. I’ve been looking into ways of bringing a bit of life into your bedroom and these are my favourite ideas.

A new lick of paint

Of course this is the obvious option, but it’s not always do-able. This is the first house we’ve owned so I’m really excited knowing we can paint the walls. Our plan is to have one feature wall of colour and the rest white to brighten the room, and so the furniture gets the attention it deserves.

If you’re renting I’d recommend asking the landlord if you can paint the walls, even if it’s the same colour just to liven the walls up. We were given permission to paint in our last home, so it’s worth a try!

Buy a TV Bed

Imagine being able to lie in bed with your partner watching Netflix all warm and cosey under your duvet… I always thought TV beds were expensive but they actually aren’t as much as I imagined! We haven’t got much room on our walls to hang a TV so a TV bed is a perfect substitution which will definitely liven the room up.

New Bedding

Sometimes simply buying a new bedding set can give your bedroom the boost it needs. I recently switched from a dark patterned duvet set to a bright white set which really helped brighten the room.

Fresh Flowers

The look and smell of fresh flowers never fails to brighten my day, so having a bunch in your bedroom will give you that feeling every single morning.

Colourful Artwork

Treating yourself to some new colourful artwork is another great way to liven up a dull bedroom. I’m currently waiting to paint our walls so I can put up one of our framed wedding photos we were given by our wedding photographers. It’s bright, colourful and gives me the feels!

Rearrange Or Buy New Furniture

If your just looking for a new bit of life in your bedroom rearranging your furniture could just be what you’re looking for. Years ago when Nathan and I used to live in a flat we decided late at night to change the furniture around. We absolutely loved the change and realised we had much more space in the room for other things.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a real change buy some new furniture. Furniture can really make a difference to a room.

New Bedroom Accessories To The Current Season

Sometimes all you need is new ornaments, bedside lamps, candles etc. Just swapping a few things can really liven up a room. I love to change decor to what season we’re in. Spring is a beautiful season for decor! Grab yourself some bright and pretty ornaments and a new fresh candle, then you’re all set!


I hope some of these have given you ideas to liven up your bedroom. I’m so excited to get started on ours. Now that Spring is approaching it’s getting me more in the mood to sort our house out. We’ve been pretty slack this Winter so I’m ready to get going.

How would you liven up your bedroom? Have you ever done any of these ideas? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. 20/03/2018 / 8:48 am

    Ahhh Sam would LOVE a TV bed!! I totally agree with you, we spent so much time doing up the rest of the flat, aside from getting a new bed when we moved in, we haven’t done anything to our bedroom. I really want to paint it and add some personal touches to it. We often move the furniture around in our flat as we never feel quite happy with it – I think the only room I really love is Dougie’s nursery! This is a great post, sometimes its the little touches that can make a huge difference to a room!
    Hels xxx

  2. I love adding new bedding as a way of livening up the bedroom. Rearranging the furniture is a great way of making it feel fresh again too. The other thing I love to do is refresh the photographs from time to time. I take so many and it’s nice to display some new ones occasionally.

  3. 22/03/2018 / 5:19 pm

    I’d love to get some colourful artwork in every room in our house, the problem is we are just so indecisive about choosing some! Great tips x

  4. 22/03/2018 / 10:03 pm

    Hubster would LOVE a TV bed… but I’m against it at the moment because I know our son will not leave the bed – ever;) But some great ideas here… pinned for later too,

  5. 25/03/2018 / 11:19 am

    I know what you mean about bedrooms being the last to be decorated – ours could do with a revamp at the moment!

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