Recipes You Need To Be Using This Easter

Easter has arrived a lot quicker than I imaged. It’s only just clicked in my head that it’s Easter Sunday this weekend! Today I had plans of sharing with you a really chocolaty Easter recipe, but it didn’t really go as well as I hoped. Instead my husband and I ate it all ourselves – Hanging our heads in shame! Seeing as I have no recipe to share with you I thought I’d share with you some amazing Easter recipes from other lovely bloggers.

I love to cook and bake around the Easter holiday. There is so much chocolate and sweets in the shops; they’re just calling to have recipes made! I have collected a bunch of yummy looking sweet and savoury recipes that you should definitely be using this week. They’ll be perfect for Easter Sunday!


Three Ingredient Easter Fudge by Odd Hogg (Pictured Above)

Hot Cross Muffins by The Happy Weaner

Orange Poppy Seed Cake by Hodge Podge Days

Slow Cooker Creme Egg Chocolate Cake by Baking Queen 74

Easy Italian Braided Easter Bread by Veggie Desserts (Pictured Below)


Creme Egg Brownies by The Hels Project

Vanilla Cupcakes (perfect for using left over Easter eggs) by Winging It With Two Boys

Easy Slow Cooker Creme Egg Fudge by That British Betty

Easter Bunny Quiche by Friendly First Foods

Easter Spiced Buns by Jibber Jabber UK (Pictured Below)


Easter Crispy Chocolate Fridge Cake by Dear Bear And Beany

Easter Galaxy Golden Egg Chocolate Piñata Cake by Jo’s Kitchen

Easter Bunny Carrot Cake by What2Buy4Kids

Mini Egg Bundt Cake by Baking Queen 74 (Pictured Below)


Yummy Creme Egg Fudge by Life At Number 11

Easter Chocolate Cake by Food And Other Loves

Scotch Brownie Creme Eggs by Stacey In The Sticks (Pictured Below)



I wish I could make all of these recipes as they look absolutely amazing! I’ll definitely be trying a few of these over the next week for when we visit friends and family – So I don’t eat them all myself! Do you have any favourite recipes you like to use over the Easter period, or have any of these caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. 27/03/2018 / 7:51 pm

    Wow, what a delicious roundup! I don’t know where to start. Well I do actually, as those scotch brownie Creme Eggs look amazing! Thsnks a lot for including my recipes, sharing!

  2. 28/03/2018 / 9:07 am

    Ahh thank you for including me lovely! I’m really hungry now and want to do some more baking! I’ve just made some Easter mini egg cupcakes, I might have a go at the Easter fudge though!
    Hels xxx

  3. 08/04/2018 / 10:27 pm

    What a fantastic selection of treats! Easter may now be over for another year but I don’t think there’s ever been a bad time to indulge in something a little chocolatey! Hels’s creme egg brownies certainly were a triumphl, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to hold back from eating them all! The braided Easter bread looks incredible as well, I’m not sure I would have the skill to pull it off quite as beautifully as the example in your photo though!

    Abbey xx

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