Oliver’s 17 Month Update

It’s been a few months since I updated you with how Oliver is getting on. If you’d like to read his previous update you can find it here. He’s now 17 months old, going on 18 months. He’s changed so much lately and he seems to be developing so fast. Every day he looks so much older and more like a little boy, rather than a baby. I’m pretty sure I say that every time I talk about him, but it’s so much more real now. Every month goes by and something has changed about him.


He’s Getting Taller

I mean, this is a given. He will get taller. As every day goes by it seems like he’s had a mini growth spurt! Every morning when I watch him trying to stretch to grab what’s on our TV cabinet I’m sure he’s a little bit closer every time. Each day I’m having to push back everything on the cabinet a little further so he can’t reach them.

A Thick Head Of Hair Has Appeared

All of a sudden Oliver grew really thick and dark hair. Both my husband and I have dark hair so we were waiting for this to happen. It came on so suddenly he was then in desperate need of a hair cut! The last time I had a go at cutting his hair he HATED it. I wasn’t sure what to do; take him to a hair dressers and let them deal with the tears or try and cut it myself. After his bath late on Christmas Eve I decided to just go for it. I wanted him to have a nice new cut on Christmas Day! Surprisingly he did not cry at all – Until I started to cut around his ears, but we were nearly done at this point. He now has a new (badly done) hair cut. It’s surprising how much older a baby can look when they’ve had a fresh new trim!

Attempted Words Are Appearing

A while ago I mentioned I was worried about Oliver’s speech development. You can read more about that here. He was a good old babbler but wasn’t saying any sort of word. He’s still not talking as such, but you can tell he’s really trying! He’ll say ‘Dada’ towards his Dad and ‘Muma’ towards me. We found over December whenever he would have his advent chocolate he would say ‘Gaah’ and point at the chocolate. Obviously it’s nothing like the sound of chocolate. We think he is saying ‘Gaah’ for the ‘-ate’ in chocolate.

I’ve also managed to squeeze ‘shoe’ and ‘ball’ out of him. These aren’t regular moments but we’re getting there. Since his last update we’ve noticed he pays more attention to things when we talk about them, will pick things up and babble about it, and will try his hardest to repeat things we say. He’s still ‘technically’ behind on his communication skills according to his age, but I am much less worried about it. He’s improving so it’s a step in the right direction.

Eating Less Vegetables

I think he’s hit the age where he’s fully aware about his vegetables. I’m a bit stuck with this one at the moment. My husband and I eat the same vegetables that we give him and they’re frequently in a sauce, so I’m not sure why he doesn’t want to eat them. It’s become a daily battle to make sure he’s eating his greens. Usually he wins but we’ve just discovered a way where he eats vegetables more often, which leads me to my next topic…

He’s Feeding Himself With Cutlery

This month we found that he eats more (including vegetables) when he feeds himself with a fork. He still can’t quite load a fork full of food yet, but we can load the fork with food and he’ll shove it all in his mouth. Personally, seeing him eat good food is so satisfying as a parent! Knowing he’s eaten a good healthy meal reassures me I’m doing something right!

There is so much more I could update you with but I won’t bore you too much. Each month he’s rapidly changing so in a few more months I’ll probably have another update for you. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings for Oliver!


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  1. 01/01/2018 / 8:21 am

    They do grow up so fast! These posts are going to be so lovely for you to read back on in the future! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

  2. 02/01/2018 / 7:26 am

    I love these updates so much – especially as Oliver is a couple of months older than Dougie, it’s a nice little preview of what we can look forward to! Dougie is very much in the babbling stage – we get a lot of “Dadadadada” and I’m just glossing over the fact that “Mama” isn’t a regular word, but he understands quite a bit – if Sam tells him to get something and take it to me, he understands this which is pretty cool! Also I’m dreading cutting his hair, he’s getting a bit of a rat’s tail…
    Love these updates, looking forward to the next one!
    Hels xx

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