Changing Our Eating Habits And Losing Weight

I’ve been talking about wanting to lose weight the whole year. Here we are, in December, and I’m still the same weight as I was at the start of the year. I’ve not been happy with my weight since I gave birth to Oliver. Thing is though, life just gets in the way to lose weight sometimes. Some people might think that sounds like rubbish, but this year I’ve learnt you need to be mentally ready to lose weight. Last month I finally felt ready to lose weight again so we started by changing our eating habits, and I joined Slimming World (again).


The 3rd time I’ve joined Slimming World

I joined Slimming World back in 2014 as I wanted to lose weight before Nathan and I got married, and I did! I lost nearly 2 stone. Soon after getting married I piled the weight (and then some!) back on. My eating habits changed completely during my pregnancy – thanks pregnancy cravings! I was eating Pickled Onion Monster Munch and Fruit Pastille Ice Lollies every single day in my first trimester. This ruined my eating habits and we ate rubbish food from then onward. I did try and join Slimming World again during my pregnancy but I just didn’t stay on plan.

I still continued to go to Slimming World after giving birth but my head just wasn’t in the right place. We had a newborn baby who was taking up 99.9% of our time, and when we did have any spare time we spent it either sleeping or doing something for ourselves. Eating healthily just wasn’t at the top of our agenda.

Changing Our Eating Habits For The Whole Family

Before rejoining Slimming World we would snack every single evening on rubbish food. Nathan would bring home crisps and chocolate for us to snack on very often – Due to my strong demands… We knew it had to stop as we could see the pounds piling on when we stepped onto the scales. Our will power was total rubbish.

Oliver now eats the same food as us. He’s fully weaned and loves food. It’s now clicked in my head we need to start teaching him good food habits early – Eating greens and all of that jazz! Other parents will agree it’s not that easy to get a child to eat their vegetables. I’m hoping if Oliver see’s us eating ‘good’ food, then he’ll want to eat the same. The last thing I want to do is give Oliver a spaghetti bolognese full of vegetables whilst we’re eating a pizza each. I now feel ready to change our eating habits and lose weight.

4 Weeks In…

I’ve been back at Slimming World for 4 weeks and I’ve lost a total of 13lbs so far. I’m pretty darn pleased about that. Oliver has been trying all of the food we’ve been eating. Most of the time he’s been enjoying it – He often spits out any stray vegetables he can feel in his mouth, but we’re getting there! My husband has lost a bit of weight too which he’s happy about. The thing about Slimming World is that it’s a change of lifestyle, not a diet (This sounds like an advert for Slimming World, but I promise it’s not!). We’re still eating every day foods so Oliver is able to enjoy it with us too. I’ve got a separate Instagram account for everything that I’m eating if anyone is interested in having a peek: @justbuttons_sw.

I’ve got a fair way to go till my target, but I feel so motivated to get there as I love seeing my whole family eating good nutritional food.  I have a wedding and a holiday in May next year so that’s my deadline for my weight loss. I’m planning on doing monthly updates and ‘What I eat in a day’ posts, so keep an eye out for them!

I have another 4st10lbs to go, so wish me luck!


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