A Walk In The Woods – High Lodge, Thetford Forest

Last weekend we took a trip to High Lodge which is deep in the woods of Thetford forest. I’ve mentioned before in this post that I want to explore more local areas. Thetford forest is about an hour away from where I live so I’d only just call it local. When I was younger I remember we visited Thetford forest a few times on weekend caravan trips so I was keen to take a trip back. We decided we’d go out to have a bite to eat for lunch and a quick walk in the woods so Oliver could try out his new wellie boots.


‘Off we went with our packed lunches and wellies!’

I couldn’t quite remember whether I’d visited High Lodge in Thetford forest before – and my parents have since told me that I haven’t. We wanted to go somewhere where we could sit down for some lunch and then have a nice walk in the woods. High Lodge was the first place that came up on Google. So off we went with our packed lunches and wellies!

High Lodge was much bigger and popular than I thought it would be, especially due to how cold it was! We wrapped ourselves up and took the short walk to the cafe. There was plenty of seating inside and out. We decided to sit outside due to us having brought our own food. We did take a quick peek inside as my husband, Nathan, wanted a warm drink. There was definitely plenty of choice from the cafe.

Once we’d eaten our lunch we went to find a short walking trail as we knew Oliver wouldn’t get far. There were a few to choose from, the longest being 5km. We took the short route called The Pine Trial which was 1.5km. We honestly didn’t get very far at all before turning back but it was still nice to take the short walk into the woods.

Of course I took it as an opportunity to take some photos!

As I now do every single time I’m out with Oliver and Nathan I took some photos of Oliver. The lighting through the trees was beautiful and I managed to get a few nice photos of him!






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There is so much to do at High Lodge in Thetford Forest

Whilst having a walk around I noticed that there is a lot to do at High Lodge! You can high bikes to ride along the cycle paths, take walks on their 4 walking trails and you can even get active with Go Ape’s Tree Top Adventure. There is even a huge greenery area where you can play football, have a picnic or just relax with friends or family. The Tree Top Adventure is something I would love to do with Oliver when he’s older but we have a fair few years until then!



Now I know High Lodge exists I can’t wait to go back next summer for a picnic and another walk – Hopefully a longer walk this time! I love finding beautiful places like this in the UK countryside so if you have any suggestions on places to visit please let me know!


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  1. abbeylouisarose
    26/11/2017 / 9:14 am

    I haven’t been to Thetford Forest in years! I’ve done some of the cycling trails with my Dad before and really enjoyed it, and I have always wanted to go to the Go Ape as well, it sounds like so much fun! This post brought back a lot of nostalgia, your photos are beautiful as ever! Hope you’re able to return and complete that trail!

    Abbey ? http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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