Cherishing Those Little Moments

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again; Oliver is growing up way too fast. Every single day I look at him I notice something else about him that’s changed. Last week on Twitter I was speaking to another mother about having naps with your children. Sometimes when it’s just Oliver and I spending the day at home we’ll have a mid afternoon nap together. I’ve always felt like such a bad mother doing this, but this other mother made me feel a lot better. Her comment was something along the lines of ‘I used to have naps with my children when they were younger, and looking back now I’m glad I did. I can now look back at those moments we had together with happiness.’ She’s taught me that I need to cherish these little moments.


Cuddles, Kisses and Holding Hands

For the past few months Oliver has developed his own little personality and he’s become so affectionate. He loves cuddles and now gives the most adorable kisses – I mean they’re mostly open mouth kisses with his tongue sticking out but we’re getting there! He also now happily walks along with us holding our hands. I can remember a moment with my Dad when I was younger. We were walking home from my Brownies group one evening and I asked my Dad ‘Will I always be able to hold your hand?’, and his answer was ‘I hope you always will!’. This moment has always stuck in my head and I want this to be the same for Oliver. I want him to know I’ll always be here for him and my hand is always open. This photo above was taken when we visited Orwell Country Park a few weeks ago. I wanted Nathan to be able to look back at this moment as I thought it was lovely.

Having Naps Together

I originally felt so guilty having naps with Oliver. There’s probably much better things I could should be doing with my spare time. After having a chat with this mother (I wish I could remember this lovely ladies name!) I now don’t feel bad. Yes, I could be doing house work or something else more productive, but those can wait – my growing child can’t. I always make myself feel bad for crap things I do, but I don’t give myself credit for the amazing things I’ve done. I’m raising this amazing and intelligent little boy and I think I’m entitled to have a little time with him, just us two.

These little moments of love and adorableness (if that’s even a word?) won’t last for long, and I want to try and cherish these moments for as long as I can. I’m sure they’ll hit a point when he’ll grow out of the cuddles and kisses, or he’ll be embarrassed by his cool mum.

I hope this post has made sense, and I’m sorry it’s a short one. I’ve not felt myself the past few days but I wanted to get something written down from my brain! I think I’m just trying to remind myself it’s okay to take time out of a busy life to love and appreciate what I have in life.


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