I Want More Babies, But Not Yet

I’ve always pictured myself with lots of children. Well, I say lots, I’d be happy with three. I’ve always wanted three children. I’m not fussed what sex they’ll be, but I know I want three. Oliver is 14 months old (soon to be 15 months) and I’ll be honest, I’m getting a bit broody. I’m seeing more and more pregnancy announcements and I must admit I’m slightly jealous. I remember the feeling of seeing those positive lines on a pregnancy test and going to our first scan. Although I’m feeling broody and dying to have more babies, I’m just not ready yet.

Want More Babies

There’s a few things we want to do before we start trying for another child. As much as I’d love to fall pregnant now, it’s just not the right time for us.

I want to lose weight first


Something I’ve banged on about for ages is that I want to lose weight. I put on a lot of weight in my pregnancy with Oliver and it’s something I don’t want to happen again. I want to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight and then look after my body during the next pregnancy. Now that I’ve got this ‘target’ in mind, it should motivate me more to actually eat healthier – she says whilst eating a packet of Oreos….. 

We have planned events


We’ve got a few things we want to get past first before trying for another baby. We have my brother-in-law’s wedding next May and I don’t want to be heavily pregnant or with a newborn. We’ve also got a holiday just after their wedding so it wouldn’t be ideal – we went on holiday to Florida when Oliver was just 8 weeks old so I know what it’s like!

We want to finish organising our house


We bought a house back in June and we still haven’t finished sorting through the boxes or decorating… It’s something I’d like to work on and finish before another baby arrives. Our spare room, which would be the babies nursery, is our dumping ground for things that need to go into our loft, so I’d like to clear that room first at least!

I want Oliver to be in nursery


Oliver will be turning two next July, and we hope he’ll be attending nursery next September. I’d prefer Oliver to be in a nursery when we have our second baby, as it’ll just make it a little easier during the day whilst he’s out. I know Oliver will be the best brother to our second child, but having a few days with just me and the baby will be (slightly) calmer.

I want my body to be my own for just a little longer


For anyone who has been pregnant, you’ll probably understand when I say I want my body to be mine for just a bit longer. When you’re pregnant for so long, it feels so good when you can drink and eat whatever you want again, and having to carry a baby for so long is hard on your body. So for this reason, I just want a little bit longer with my body again. This may sound stupid to some, but I’m hoping some of you may understand what I mean.

Once we have all of this out of the way, we’ll hopefully start trying for another baby. It may be next year, or the year after, but eventually I want to have more babies. Are you in the situation where you want more babies but aren’t quite ready yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. 05/10/2017 / 9:13 pm

    Completely agree with all of these! I want two babies, and I’ve been feeling SO broody lately haha, but I want some time first. I want to be able to enjoy being married, and we also live in a two-bed flat which is okay for three, but already feeling a bit small, it’s not feasible to have any more kids just yet! Oliver will be such a cool big brother, and you’ll be an amazing Mum again! Totally agree with nursery and newborns too – it’ll be so manic you’ll need a little breathing room!
    Hels ?

    • Sarah Pears
      19/10/2017 / 6:16 pm

      Haha they’re so gorgeous it’s hard to not want another now! Aww Yes I totally get the wanting time to be married. I fell pregnant 2 months after getting married to Nathan which was a lot quicker than we wanted.. But I wouldn’t change Oliver for the world 🙂

  2. Kendel
    07/10/2017 / 9:53 pm

    So many good reasons! My son is eight months old (almost!) and I am so, so broody. I would 100% have another baby if I could (right now), but I’m so single it hurts. Haha. I do like having my body to myself though. I would also like Caelen to be in nursery full time or part time when I have another bubba. One is hectic, so I’d like to have a day or two to myself (and a new bubba) before adding in a crazy toddler!

    • Sarah Pears
      19/10/2017 / 6:14 pm

      God yeah one really is hectic :’) They’re just so gorgeous it’s hard to not want all the babies!!

  3. 09/10/2017 / 9:01 pm

    These are all great things to achieve. Even though I get more broody each time D learns a new thing I have to remind myself why I’m not ready yet.
    First of all, D doesn’t sleep full nights yet (anymore), so I don’t basically want to be a zombie for next two years and I have to listen to my husband and wait until we have our very own apartment. Which by the way isn’t that far because we’re going to see apartment tomorrow, and J started the whole ”own home” thing, OH MY! Does this mean he wants another baby? Though, he made other points as well but hmm…. <- sleep deprived me is talking…. 😉

    • Sarah Pears
      19/10/2017 / 6:06 pm

      God yeah the sleeping thing is another reason why I don’t want another yet!! Oliver normally sleeps quite well but he does like to wake up super early every day, which I don’t think I could handle with another baby!!

  4. Bookinggoodread
    24/10/2017 / 2:08 pm

    There is a 5 and half year gap between my two boys, my oldest is nearly ten now and he was/is so helpful with his little brother. I don’t think I could cope with 2 babies close together ??

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