Relaxing And Grubby Windows – Living Arrows [43/52 2017]

We’re back for another Living Arrows link up. This week we have pretty much done absolutely nothing. I’ve not been sleeping well and we’ve had a fair few late nights so I’ve felt like doing nothing. I hate spending so much time at home as I feel so bad for Oliver. I’ve tried everything I can to keep him entertained whilst we’re relaxing (I use this term lightly!) at home together.

Luckily I still managed to squeeze in snapping a few photos around my rather untidy house whilst we’re relaxing. I’m trying really hard to make sure I try and get a few photos of Oliver a week, just so I have lots of memories to look back at when he’s older. He’s growing up way too fast!

Monday 23rd October 2017

Relaxing At Home

The first thing I see in this photo is a horribly messy window that is overdue a clean from little grubby hands. The thing is though, that’s what parenting is like (for us anyway – I’m sure we’re not the only ones!). Keeping on top of chores takes a back seat when you’ve got a child. The past week or so Oliver has wanted to be by my side every second of the day. I don’t fancy doing lots of cleaning and tidying with a little toddler following me around who wants attention.

I took this photo because I loved the lighting and it was only until I transferred the photo onto my computer I saw the grubby hand prints. First I was embarrassed and thought ‘there is no way in hell I’m sharing this photo’, but actually I’m not bothered by it now. It really grasps what parenting can be like sometimes. Sometimes our house is a mess and I’m always hard on myself for it. I need to remember a lot of my time is taken up doing other things, including looking after this little one. So for now, I’m okay with a grubby window.

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  1. 26/10/2017 / 9:02 pm

    Ahhh it’s such an adorable photo of him though, look at that face!
    I totally understand what you mean, it’s so hard trying to keep on top of everything, and trying to keep babies entertained inside can get really hard and tiring at times! I hope you feel at least a little more relaxed this week!

  2. 29/10/2017 / 8:35 pm

    I love this photo – it’s one of my favourites from the week. The lighting is perfect and I didn’t even notice the smudgy window! x

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