Ways To Wake Up

So the original title for this post was going to be ‘Ways To Wake Up Happier’, but I felt like ways to wake yourself up suited me much more. I struggle to get up. I’m one of those women who usually has about 10 alarms about 5 minutes apart because I’m a huge fan of that snooze button. Now my alarm is the cries of a little child.

My husband is usually the one who gets up to check on our son of a morning, and he usually brings him back to bed with us – Pro’s of sleeping furthest away from the door, my husband get’s up as he’s closer! If we’re lucky our son will continue to have a little snooze with us, but sometimes you have no option but to get up, otherwise you will get climbed on and kicked in the stomach. My husband will usually get up with our son and will take him downstairs whilst I ‘get up’, or more like snooze even longer… I find it so difficult to actually find the motivation to get myself out of bed.

Ways To Wake Up

Today was a prime example of this. My husband got up with Oliver this morning and it took me nearly an hour to get out of bed – I didn’t sleep well the night before so this didn’t help to be honest! In the end I resorted to my usual methods of motivating myself to get up.

Think of something exciting to do when you get up

If I’m dosing in bed and I know I should really get up I try to think of something fun and exciting I can do during the day, whether it be going out for the day, bake a cake, play a game (totally what I did today), meet a friend or even blog! Just find something you enjoy and make sure you make time to do it.

Stretch whilst in bed

I always find this really helps me stay awake and gets me out of bed. It improves your circulation and increases flexibility in your muscles to make it easier to get up – plus I always find it feels so good after a big stretch!

Listen to some music

I don’t mean music that’ll relax you and eventually drift you back into sleep. I mean upbeat music that’ll just make you want to get up and dance (or head bang, as my husband would do!). Get yourself motivated and enjoy waking up! I have a playlist I like to stick on in the mornings to keep me going, or otherwise after I’ve showered I’d get straight back into bed!

Don’t go on your phone/tablet

I’m so guilty of this one every single morning. First thing I usually do is go on my phone. The sad thing is it can last for ages, then before you know it you’ve been lying in bed on your phone for an hour. Sometimes I’ll even fall back to sleep whilst snuggled up in my duvet with my phone in my hands! This is something I really like to avoid…

Have a glass of water ready on your bedside cabinet

I always try to make sure I have a glass of water on my bedside cabinet before I fall asleep, so when I wake up I can have a drink straight away. Not only is this good for you but having the drink soon after waking up seems to really keep me awake and alert.


One of these, or sometimes all of these, help me wake up and get out of bed most mornings. I’m definitely not a morning person and I’m trying everything I can to make it slightly easier for me! My husband has in the past needed to literally drag me out of bed… Luckily that doesn’t happen very often anymore! If you struggle to wake up in the morning because you don’t sleep well at night you should check this post out. It may be the reason why you’re not sleeping well!

Do you have any tips that you do to help wake up in the mornings? I’d love to know your ideas, and I need as many tips as I can get!


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  1. 24/09/2017 / 11:49 am

    Love these tips! I need to not use my phone in the morning! Some days I’m up and alert within minutes of my alarm going off, other times I snooze to much!

    I also agree on the stretching one! Nothing beats a good stretch in the morning 🙂

  2. 06/11/2017 / 8:16 pm

    Sime great tips here. I’ve been trying to improve my morning routine and most days don’t need to press the snooze button now. 😀 I find going to bed at a similar time every night helps me a lot.

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