Encouraging A Baby To Walk

Oliver has been walking for nearly 2 months now and I honestly love it. You could tell he’d been wanting to walk for a month or so before he took his first steps. I think he was a bit nervous to take any steps in case he fell over. He would constantly grab on to us whenever he tried to take a step. We could see how much he wanted to just go, so we tried to do a few things every so often to help encourage him to walk on his own.

Oliver walking: Encouraging A Baby To Walk

It’s always nice to give your baby a little boost in learning new things. As I’ve mentioned before in this post, all about my son and his talking, babies learn to do things at different rates, but helping them along doesn’t hurt. You can actually turn it into a fun activity for the family!

From An Early Age Encourage Them To Stand On Your Legs

We did this very early on with Oliver and it helped tremendously! His little legs were so strong. Just hold your baby facing you on your lap whilst sitting down and bounce them off your legs. This will hopefully get them used to standing and pushing away with their legs. Oliver ended up loving this and would always want to bounce on our laps. Not only did it help him but it turned into a work out for us – It’s pretty tiring!

Stand Them In Front Of The Sofa And Encourage Them To Walk To You

This one is a great one for if you’re alone with your baby. Throughout the day when Nathan was working I’d always try to help him gain confidence by doing this. Stand your baby with their back to the sofa, then kneel a metre or so away from them and encourage them to walk to you. You can obviously do this with a partner as well by getting your baby to walk between you both. I find this one really helped him.

Hold Their Hand Whilst Walking With Them

We did this in a few different ways. When he wasn’t very close to taking his first steps we’d stand behind him whilst holding both of his hands and we’d walk with him, encouraging one foot in front of another. When he was really close to walking, and also when he was taking a few steps, we’d walk with him holding one hand just to help his balance.

Us Walking With Oliver Holding Hands: Encouraging A Baby To Walk

Once They Are Walking Chase Them Around

We love doing this. We’ll get behind Oliver and say ‘I’m gonna get you!’ and he’ll giggle whilst running away! It’s such a fun way to help them to enjoy walking. We actually even did this whilst he was crawling. Making it into a fun game that we can play as a family has really helped.

Encourage Them To Cruise Along Furniture

Oliver had been cruising along furniture for so long, but it really helped him gain confidence. I’d place a toy that he wants on the other side of the sofa so he used the sofa to walk along to get it. This is something you can encourage really early on. I think we encouraged Oliver to do this soon after he could pull himself up against the sofa.


All of these really helped him to learn to walk. Now he won’t stop walking and get’s upset when he can’t! He’s mastered the *straightening the whole body in a tantrum so they can’t put me in my buggy* pose… Is your little one close to walking? What did you do to encourage them to walk? I’d love to hear your comments!


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  1. 28/09/2017 / 9:46 pm

    I love this! Such adorable photos! Dougie can take steps, but he’s not quite walking yet – he loves his walker and walking when he’s holding our hands but we kind of have to let go in order for him to actually walk – he’s not quite figured out how to stand up without having something to pull himself up with!
    I’m excited for when he gets it though!
    Hels ??

  2. abbeylouisarose
    01/10/2017 / 2:08 pm

    When I went to visit Hels and Dougie recently, Hels was trying to encourage Dougie to toddle along with his walker and he was loving it! He was beaming from ear to ear! I remember my Mum and Dad each holding one of my brothers hands as we walked along, encouraging him to do the same, just as you’re doing with Oliver in your photo! I’m so glad that he’s taking his first steps and gaining confidence, you must be so proud!

    Abbey ? http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

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