Toddler Autumn Wardrobe Wishlist

I can’t believe how quickly this year is going! Although it’s still the summer holidays it definitely feels like Autumn. Autumn is my favourite season so I’m pretty darn pleased about it. A new season means a new wardrobe for Oliver! He’s now in size 1yr-1½yr which is when I’ve noticed the clothing gets much more interesting in some shops. I’m kind of sick of the pastel colours that newborn clothes come in, so now I love to go interesting and bold.

I thought a wishlist would be something fun to do, as there’s no way I could afford to get these all, but it’ll be nice to look back and imagine I own these! Now that I’m a mother and my weight is all over the place, I enjoy filling Oliver’s wardrobe more than I do my own!

Autumn Clothing Wish List

1. Big Boy Print Sweater

2. Navy Chest Stripe Jumper

3. Textured-Knit Wool Jumper

4. Blue Cardigan

5. Metallica Top

6. Snoopy Shirt

7. Maroon Checked Shirt

8. Red Jacket


Autumn Wishlist (2)

1. Mickey Mouse Trousers

2. Monochrome PJ’s

3. Robot Joggers

4. Black Jeans

5. Bodysuit With Collar

6. Brown Boots (My favourite!)

7. Hiking Sneakers

8. Hat and Gloves


I have bought a lot of Oliver’s Autumn wardrobe already – I bought them months ago, I like to be prepared! Surely I can buy a couple more bits and pieces for him though. Toddlers never have enough clothes… Right?? I may, once he starts wearing his Autumn wardrobe more often, create a look book of his outfits he’s been wearing. Is that something you’d like to see? If so, I’ll get snapping straight away!


Pin for later

Autumn Wishlist Pin

I can’t wait to go walking through the golden leaves in the park with Oliver. Now he’s walking it’s going to make it extra exciting for him! This I’ll have to make sure I photograph!

What are your little ones going to be wearing this Autumn? I’d love to see so send me some links!



*Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post, I just love these products/stores so much!

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