40 Self Care Ideas You Should Be Doing

I think most of us are pretty guilty with not taking time out of our lives for self care. We all have so much going on in our lives it’s hard to take time out of our busy lifestyles to just relax. I’m definitely guilty of this. I find it hard to shut down of an evening and it sucks. I don’t feel relaxed when I go to bed and I don’t feel well rested when I wake up.

Doing things for yourself can really make a difference in your mental health and productivity. Even the littlest things can make you feel better about yourself. There are lots of self care ideas you can do, even for really busy lifestyles. I’ve compiled a list of self care ideas you should be doing on a daily basis. When I take time out of my day to do these, I feel much better for it, and hopefully you will too!

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1. Take a bath (Here’s a post I wrote on taking some time out as a mummy with Lush)
2. Light your favourite candle
3. Read a book
4. Make yourself your favourite drink
5. Star gaze outside
6. Watch your favourite film
7. Play a game
8. Paint your nails
9. Bake your favourite treat
10. Turn technology off for an hour
11. Meditate
12. Listen to some music
13. Wear your PJ’s all day
14. Apply a face mask
15. Go for a drive
16. Get dressed up for no reason
17. Practise yoga
18. Spend time with loved ones
19. Have a power nap
20. Moisturise your body
21. Go braless for a day
22. Go for a walk
23. Draw/Paint a picture
24. Write down all your thoughts and feelings onto paper
25. Get your partner to give you a massage
26. Watch your favourite TV show
27. Make future plans for a trip you’re excited about
28. Think about happy memories
29. Buy yourself some flowers to put in your home
30. Curl/Straighten your hair
31. Create a bucket list
32. Sit on a bench and people watch
33. Play a musical instrument
34. Look back at old photos
35. Craft something
36. Go to bed early
37. Call a friend/loved one
38. Watch the clouds
39. Make a list of your accomplishments
40. Play/Cuddle with a pet


There we have it! 40 things you can do to take some time out of your busy lifestyle. Hopefully some of these ideas will help you to relax. What do you do to take some time out for yourself?




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  1. 22/10/2017 / 11:22 pm

    I am cuddling with my cat (when I say cuddle I mean laying beside me kicking me to slide over) right now after a crappy day at work. I love the feeling of him laying beside me. I love taking Lush baths, their bubble bars are my favorite. I have horrible social anxiety (and I work at a high end store in the mall, yeah makes no sense to me either, hah) so self care is a must.

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