Top Baby Bath Time Products Under £10

Bath time was a struggle in our house to begin with. Oliver hated being in the water and the bath had to be as quick as possible. Now he’s older he seems much more confident being in the water, so now he loves to have a bath he gets upset when it’s over! We try to make bath time as fun as possible which includes having fun colourful toys, products and accessories.
The problem I have with bath products is that Oliver loves them, but he only spends a small amount of the day in a bath, so I don’t want to spend too much money on them. Luckily the great thing about some toys and accessories is that they aren’t too expensive if you know where to look!
One of Oliver’s favourite toys to play with are his Bathtime Alphabet Foam Letters. He loves to give these a good chew and splashes around with them. These are only £8.36 and they also include a net storage bag that can stick to your bathroom tiles which perfect for keeping everything tidy, which we like to get Oliver involved in as well!
These Blulu Floating Boats are great fun as if you give them a little squeeze they’ll squirt out water. You get a set of 6 for £7.99 and they’re great fun as they’re bright, colourful and they float in the water like little small boats! Oliver loves watching things float in the water – he’ll then grab them and make a huge splash!
So Oliver doesn’t actually own these BUT I did when I was a child! I loved these Play Buckets when I was younger. They have holes in them so there’s fun ways to pour water out of them. The green one pours out of its mouth, the blue one pours like a sprinkler from the base and the yellow is like a normal bucket that pours from the top. These are £9.98 and I’m definitely going to buy these for Oliver as I’m sure I’ll have just as much fun playing with them!
Of course, every child needs a collection of bath ducks. These ducks we own are just £2.01 and they’re bright and colourful, just what you need for bath time to make it extra fun! They squirt out water too so lots of fun when playing in the water! 
For Olivers 1st birthday (which is in 5 days!!) we’ve bought him this awesome Undersea explorer toy and it looks like it’s going to be so much fun – the captain spins when the submarine turns! It was only £5.19 so it’s a bargain. Hopefully Oliver will love it!
When enjoying bath time, you not only need toys to play with, but you need baby bath, towels and a mat so you’re little one doesn’t go slipping about! Here are my top picks for the final touches.
We use this fun Johnson’s Bubble Baby Bath and Wash for £1.50. I always like to show Oliver the monsters on the packaging to try and get him excited, but I’m sure he doesn’t even notice them! This wash is kind to Olivers skin and leaves him feeling lovely, soft and smelling gorgeous – I always like to sit there smelling his head after a bath, I guess that’s a weird mother thing, right?!
It’s extremely important to have a mat stuck to your bath so your little one doesn’t slip and slide anywhere – Trust me, I’ve had Oliver slip once when our mat wasn’t down and it gave me a heart attack! We own this fun Jungle Anti Slip Bath Mat. It sticks to the bath incredibly well and it also comes with a handy bag for if you go away for the night. For £9.99 I think it’s well worth it.
Now finally, to finish off you need a cuddly towel that your little one will get into. This adorable polar bear towel is a lovely way to end bath time. Oliver still isn’t keen with bath time ending, even with super cute towels, but I’m sure we’ll get there! This towel is £9.45 but it lasts a long while and is super cute so it’s well worth it.
Have you got any bath time favourites for under £10? Things for children can get so expensive so I love it when I find something fun but it’s not going to break the bank. Let me know if you’ve found a bath time bargain anywhere!
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