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Although life as a parent is pretty much go-go-go most of the time, it’s important to take time for yourself and relax. I love finding products to use and relax with, and Lush is pretty much my go to shop for pampering items! I hadn’t been to Lush for ages, so when we popped into town a couple of weeks ago I was desperate to take a visit. As we’ve moved recently I used that as another excuse as I needed to familiarise myself with the shop – of course!
I wanted to get a variety of products, as I usually stick to bath bombs because, which I think everyone knows, they’re pretty amazing. I got a few bath bombs, a shower cream, shower jelly and a bar of soap. Let’s start with the one that is loved but to everyone’s disappointment… IT’S BEING DISCONTINUED!


I cannot believe I’ve only just found The Comforter and now it’s being discontinued. It smells beautiful – It has strong scents of Blackcurrant. I’ve been using this since I bought it and it’s so creamy and silky. One of my husbands favourite scents is Blackcurrant so this was a winner for him too. I’ve loved using the comforter and I’m pretty gutted that it’s being discontinued.
Another product that I bought to use in the shower, and is also being discontinued, is Refresher. It’s very citrusy which is perfect for me as I love citrus things. I’m a bit unsure about the jelly side of it. As you can see in the photo below I’ve used it once and I found it so difficult to use. It didn’t really lather up or anything, it kind of stayed as a jelly and I didn’t really find it cleaned me as such. It basically fell apart and half of it just fell down by my feet and washed away. I can’t see how I used it wrong but maybe I did, who knows! I’ll give it another go one day.


Onto the bath bombs. I bought 4 which I haven’t used before so I’m rather excited to use them. The first one I chose was the Over and Over Bath Bomb. You can see in the photos below that it did fall apart a little bit in the bag, but that may have something to do with my son grabbing it and throwing it around everywhere! It’s citrusy so, again, perfect for me, and it feels so smooth. It looks like it’s going to be a really colourful bath bomb so I’m really excited to use it!


The next bath bomb I bought is Lava Lamp. Since buying it I’ve looked at the reviews for this bath bomb and they aren’t that great! People say it get’s too oily. Has anyone used this bath bomb before? Let me know what you think of it. It looks super fun and colourful. Again, it’s rather citrusy – I think there is a trend happening now! I’m looking forward to using this just to see what it turns out like, as I’m not the biggest fan of really oily things. This one happens to be discontinued as well!
Does anyone else think at this angle this bath bomb looks like a freaky alien smiley face? Just me…?


What do ya know, another citrusy one! I mainly bought this bath bomb, Yellow Submarine, because it is a cute little submarine. It looks so fun and smells gorgeous. Apparently if you gently pop this in your bath it’ll float off leaving a pink trail behind it. I can’t wait to see that happen! I may even give this one to my son, Oliver, to use. I’m sure he’ll love seeing the submarine zoom off in the water!

Now for a beautiful sparkly pink one. The Think Pink bath bomb is sweet vanilla scented and sparkly – A perfect combination. I have the feeling this one is going to be very relaxing so I might save this one for a particularly stressful day.

Now we did get one more bath bomb. The day we went to Lush happened to be Oliver’s first birthday, so the lovely girl as Lush gave us the Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb free of charge! The Ickle Baby Bot is a lovely lavender scented bath bomb which is perfect for little one’s before their bedtime. Oliver loved using it and he went to bed quite settled so it must have helped!

The last thing I got from Lush was a piece of Layer Cake soap. Well, on the wrapper it says Layer Cake, but comparing it online it looks nothing like the one on Lush’s website, so who knows whether I’ve got it or not! It still smells gorgeous, it’s very fruity, and it looks amazing too! I love having a soap bath on my sink as well as squirty soap, as I always find my hands feel cleaner when washing with a bar, whereas squirty soap makes them feel moisturised, so I like to have a mixture to choose from.

I can’t wait to give these all a try, as I’m sure they’ll be perfect for when I have some mummy time in the bath. As I said before, it’s so important to make sure you squeeze in some personal time, and for me taking a bath is perfect for me to relax.

Have you bought some bits from Lush recently? Let me know your favourites!

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