Hape Jungle Journey Train Review

Just over a week ago I wrote a review on the Hape Maple Blocks, and today I have another Hape product to review; the Jungle Journey Train. This train is part of a collection of different trains and train tracks in lots of different colours and themes. This Jungle Journey train is a cute little 3 carriage train which is held together by magnets. You can pull them along together on the floor or along the track which is sold separately. 


Oliver is slightly too young for this specific toy – I should have checked the recommended age – but even though he is slightly too young he still had fun playing with the trains and discovering the magnets whilst under LOTS of supervision.
I love that the trains have magnets to connect them together. It’s the perfect way to start teaching your child about how magnets work. Oliver was able to pull them apart and then ‘magically’ stick them back together! Once Oliver is at an age to understand what a magnet is, I’m looking forward to playing with these again with him.
Again, this Hape toy is colourful and attractive. Each carriage has a wooden animal print block to sit on top of the wheels. The animal block can be taken off and swapped around so you can be creative with what your carriage looks like. Oliver hasn’t got the hang of swapping them around but I’m sure he will when he’s slightly older.




As I mentioned earlier, a train track can be bought separately for the train, and after having a play around with this train I think the track is a necessity. This train was fun on it’s own but I really think having the track will make it much better as you’ll have lots more to do like building the tracks and pulling the train along your built track. From the photos I’ve seen the train wheels sit in grooves on the track so it can be pulled along easily. Hopefully once Oliver is a little older I may purchase some tracks to go with the train.
This toy is recommended for 18+ months and Oliver is just about to turn one, so he’s 6 months off the recommended age. At the speed Oliver is growing up I think once he turns 18 months he’ll thoroughly enjoy playing with this train. I’m a huge fan of toys that don’t have lights and sounds. I love to have a huge variety of toys to help Oliver learn. He has so many toys with bright lights, buttons and loud songs and sounds, so I love that he now has a few toys that are nice and simple, yet highly educational. You can read more about the Hape Jungle Journey Train here
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