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(Please note these candles are no longer available) One thing you may not know about me is that I LOVE a good candle. I have a huge selection of candles waiting to be burnt in my home. Candles complete a home for me – they look so elegant and make your home smell gorgeous. How could they get better? Well how about a candle that has jewellery in it?! The Charming Candle Co creates candles with a piece of jewellery in each one. The idea of this is absolutely amazing.


As soon as I got my hands on this I was dying to start burning it. I received the Luscious Vanilla Luxury Jewellery Candle. Of course before burning it I did the ‘sniff’ test and, oh my god, it smelt AMAZING. The scent was so strong, stronger than any other candle that I’ve owned, which I loved. I hate when I have a really nice smelling candle but when you burn it you can’t smell the scent. After about 5 minutes of burning the scent has filled the room – even my husband commented on the scent in the room which he liked too!
I could not wait to find what piece of jewellery I was going to get. I was so eager and I kept on checking the candle to see whether I could pick out the jewellery yet. The piece of jewellery was carefully placed in a little tiny zip bag which was then wrapped in foil, so it was very protected. I could eventually see the little foil packet appearing after about 15 hours of burning, so I blew out the candle and picked the foil packet out using a pair of tweezers. After it had cooled down I opened it up and was delighted to receive a beautiful rose gold looking ring which looks and feels like a high-quality piece of jewellery. Unfortunately because I put so much weight on in my pregnancy the ring only fits my little finger, but I’m excited to wear it when I’ve lost weight! It looks beautiful whilst wearing it.



Here’s the quick facts about the candle. Each candle has 60+ hours of burning time and are 100% natural wax and a blend of essential and fragrance oils. All of their candles are hand poured in England and are served in a reusable jar with 2 cotton wicks for even burning time and scent throw. With each candle you can choose whether you get a ring or a charm bead within it, and they have a nice range of scents available.
I’ve fallen in love with these candles, and I’m definitely going to treat myself to another scent soon. You can find more information about The Charming Candle Co and their candles here.
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