5 Funny Little Things About Oliver

We love everything about our son, Oliver, but we really love how much he makes us laugh. I was tagged in ‘5 funny little things about *your childs name*’ by the lovely Cassie from Lily’s Little Learners, and just from the title of the tag I knew I couldn’t wait to take part. Oliver and the funny little things he does brightens up every single day of mine and to share these little things sounded wonderful. Thank you Cassie for the tag! Go check out her answers over on her blog here.
So here are 5 funny little things about Oliver.
When Oliver rolls his tongue
This is something Oliver has been doing very recently, he’s started to roll his tongue! His Daddy can’t roll his tongue so he’s definitely got it from me! It’s really funny to watch as he concentrates so much and makes the funniest sounds! My husband and I find it hilarious which Oliver notices so he stops and pulls a serious face as in to say ‘Excuse me, are you laughing at me?!’. It’s adorable!
When Oliver gets excited
Oliver is SO cute when he gets excited! He waves his arms about and starts shouting, not just for a few seconds, he sometimes does it for ages! It’s so hard not to laugh when he does it! 
When Oliver wrinkles his nose up and sniffs
Another thing Oliver sometimes does when he’s excited is he wrinkles his nose up and starts to rapidly sniff. It’s SO funny to watch! We sometimes sniff back at him and get into a sniffing competition. It’s pretty safe to say, Oliver wins!
When Oliver runs with you
Oliver is super close to walking, so we’re doing everything we can to help him along, and that includes standing behind him and holding him up with his hands so you can walk together, it’s just that walk soon turns into a run because Oliver loves it so much! He’ll run with us screaming and giggling whilst his little legs are moving as fast as they can! 
When Oliver eats
It’s safe to say Oliver LOVES his food and you can definitely tell when he’s enjoying a meal – He quite literally say’s ‘nom nom nom’ with every mouth full! Not just once or twice within a meal, every single mouth full is ‘nom nom nom. Nom nom nom. Nom nom nom.’! He’s done this ever since he was being weaned! I love it!
It’s so hard to explain why these are so funny so I think I need to film when they happen and share them on social media. Make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram in case you miss them! (Cheeky plug there, soz!)
Thanks Cassie again for the tag! I don’t usually do tags but this some seemed so perfect for me to complete. I’ve really enjoyed thinking of all of the funny things I love about Oliver.
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  1. 16/06/2017 / 10:02 pm

    He's so gorgeous!!!! Dougie does this weird sniffing excited thing where he looks a little bit terrifying but it's SO funny!
    Hels xx

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