Baby Weight – I Gained A Lot

Being pregnant was tough on my body. All I wanted to do was eat, eat, and eat. Oh I wish I had healthy cravings; my main cravings were pickled onion monster munch and fruit pastille ice lollies. I don’t just mean a slight craving, I once ate a whole multi-pack of monster munch in one day. I used being pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever the hell I wanted, and thought that it wouldn’t be so hard to lose the weight afterwards. I wish I knew then what I know now – It’s bloody hard to lose baby weight!
I was never weighed at my midwife appointments. When I fell pregnant I was classed as ‘low- risk’ and my weight was acceptable, but because my weight was acceptable they never saw the need to weigh me, so I wasn’t weighed once. I even asked my midwife at one appointment whether I was going to be weighed as I felt like I was putting too much weight on, and the midwife responded saying ‘No, you’re okay.’. This, again, gave me an excuse to eat crap food – ‘If no one is going to weigh me it’ll be alright to eat rubbish food…’, God I’m mad at myself just imagining me thinking that! 
Here’s something I never thought I’d share with anyone – I put on nearly 6 stone in the space of about 8 months. I must be feeling brave sharing that, as trust me, I’m so embarrassed by it! Why am I sharing how much weight I put on? Well through my pregnancy I went through so many forums about baby weight and how much people had put on, and the highest I saw people had put on were a couple of stone. I felt ugly, huge and guilty – I felt like I was harming my baby. Luckily my baby boy was healthy throughout my pregnancy and is now a beautiful healthy nearly-one year old. What I’m trying to get at here is that I’m sure I’m not the only person who put on a lot of weight in pregnancy, but I’m trying to reach out to those mums who are worried about putting too much weight on to say, it’s okay. You’re not alone, and you are most certainly not ugly or huge, and please don’t feel guilty. As long as your baby is healthy and growing, you should feel bloody proud of what your doing. Your growing a little human inside of you, it doesn’t matter if you’ve put weight on. You are beautiful.
A rare photo of Oliver and I 2 days after I gave birth
I had in my mind that I wanted to lose the baby weight by my sons first birthday. Well I’m a month and a half away and I’ve lost a total of about 1.5 stone, no where near where I wanted to be. But do you know what, I actually don’t mind. Too much pressure is put on mums, or anyone for that matter, to lose weight. I find when I have too much pressure put on me to do anything, I won’t do it, so the same goes for losing weight. To have that pressure when you’ve also got a new born is just not needed. Losing baby weight is a personal experience, and it’s important to do so whatever speed you’re comfortable at. Always remember to be proud of what you and your body have done, you’ve brought a little human into the world. I’m pretty darn proud of myself for that, and you should be proud of yourself too.
For any mums-to-be reading this, don’t worry too much about putting on weight, as long as your baby is healthy and growing, you’re doing absolutely perfect. For any new mums reading this, don’t feel too pressured about losing weight, you’ve done an amazing thing, just enjoy your time with your new baby. I put on a lot of weight in my pregnancy, and I also want to lose the weight, however I am proud of what I’ve achieved the past year, and I’m going to go along this journey at whatever speed I need to.
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  1. 25/05/2017 / 4:36 am

    I used to obsessively look at photos of other pregnant people to compare my size to theirs, Dougie was a pretty big baby, but I still worried about the weight etc – I craved smokey bacon crisps! But like you said, I forgot about the key thing, that I was growing a human inside me, and as you say, as long as they're healthy, that's the main thing!
    Hels xx

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