Getting Over Pregnancy Acne

One of the worst things about being pregnant is that your hormones are all over the place, and I found this affected my skin a lot as I got very bad acne. It was nearer to the end of my pregnancy when things really flared up. To be honest I had been quite lazy during my pregnancy when it came to skin care – I used to clean my face with a wipe and that was it, I know, it was terrible! 

I decided in the last month of my pregnancy that I should make an effort to clear my skin up, as I knew when I gave birth I’d have less time in the day to put any make up on. It wasn’t just a case of buying a new cleanser, I needed more than just that. Here’s what I did;
Drink More
One thing I really didn’t do enough of in my pregnancy was drink enough water. This probably was the reason why I always felt under the weather! I started to make sure I drank more, whether this would be water, tea, squash or milk. You need to limit the amount of caffeine you consume in pregnancy so I drank a lot of decaffeinated tea, this one was specifically my favourite. I think this made a huge difference with my skin as it looked much brighter and hydrated. 

Eat Healthier

I DEFINITELY did not eat healthily during my pregnancy (which explains my humongous weight gain!), so I made sure I ate more fruit and vegetables. Eating so much crappy food and the many greasy McDonalds burgers did not help my skin, especially around my chin and cheeks. 

Get A Brand New Face Cleanser

As I said earlier, I’m ashamed to say I got so lazy in my pregnancy that I would take my make up off with a face wipe and that was it – This caused a HUGE problem for my skin. I took a trip down to my local The Body Shop and bought the Tea Tree Squeaky-Clean Scrub. The Tea Tree range is huge and has always worked well with my skin, so I had my fingers crossed that it would clear my skin up – which it did! If you’re in the middle of using one and it doesn’t seem to be working, buy a new one. Sometimes switching it up a little can help.

If you’ve got pregnancy acne and none of these have worked for you, once you’ve given birth and your hormones level out your skin should eventually go back to normal, but don’t give up your skin care routine! Your hormones will be all over the place so you just don’t know when things will get better.
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