Weekend Tot Style #2 Halloween Party

Welcome back to Weekend Tot Style hosted by Sarah from This Mama Life and Hannah from The Diary of an Ordinary Mum


This weekend has been a fun one for us. Yesterday (Saturday) we had another lazy day at home and today Oliver went to his first Halloween Party! Oliver and I go to a weekly sensory class which is designed to let the babies explore their senses through play and this weekend they hosted a Halloween party!

| Saturday |

So just like last Saturday, a lazy day meant a day in a cozy sleep suit. Yesterday Oliver wore this adorable Dinosaur sleep suit. He has a lot of Dinosaur things and this has got to be one of my favourites.
(He would NOT sit still so this is the best photo of the lot!)
| Dinosaur Sleep Suit – NEXT |
| Sunday |
I love Olivers outfit today, we actually purchased his body suit from Walmart when we were in Florida. Gotta take advantage of those cheap prices!

| Silly Monster Bodysuit – Walmart | Jeans – Zara |

He had lots of fun at his sensory Halloween party! Even if it doesn’t look like he is!
I love my little silly monster!

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