6 Tips For Growing Up

It’s tough growing up. You have your own responsibilities, commitments and on top of this, you have to look after yourself too! I moved out at the age of 20 with my boyfriend (now husband!) and let’s just say we weren’t too good at growing up! We were messy and couldn’t manage any aspect of our lives. I think it was a shock to us that living away from home you actually have to step up and take responsibility of things. It’s taken us a while to learn, but I think we’ve got there in the end!
I’m now 24, married, in my third home with my husband and we now have a 3 month old son, so needless to say, we had to step up! I’ve created a list of things I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to keep on top of whilst growing up into an adult, then things may have been a bit easier when I moved out!
1. Stay Tidy!
I was never tidy as a kid. I’m even ashamed to say that my family and I were on a TV show where they picked one room to tidy in a house… And they chose my room!! I know it may be boring but trust me, you’ll appreciate it when you’re older. I can’t really say I’m perfect yet with this one, we’re still pretty messy, but no where as near as we used to be.
2. Manage Your Money.
I cannot stress this one enough. When you’re in charge of your own money, don’t take it for granted and spend it all. I did, and it didn’t end well. Luckily things are all under control now, but we did have a horrible few years of paying everything off, and it’s something I don’t want to live again.
3. Keep A Diary Of Events.
Having a diary/planner always around with you may be a pain in the ass but at least you won’t forget those important appointments and events. The amount of times we’ve missed dentist/doctor appointments is embarrassing… Plus I’ve totally not forgotten what time my shifts started at work….!
4. Be Orgnaised.
This sort of involves all of what I’ve mentioned above, but I mean with paper work, important documents etc. I can remember when my husband and I first moved in together we were soon going away to Copenhagen for a week, and of course we need our passports… Could we find my husbands passport though?! No! So we literally turned out flat upside-down to find it! Luckily we did find it in the end, but it was a frightening moment!
5. Eat Healthily.
My weight has gone up and down the past few years. When we first moved out we ate ridiculously unhealthy and we put on a lot of weight and become generally unfit. We became lazy and didn’t really get out much. This isn’t a joke, we had a takeaway pretty much every night. This not only was unhealthy but it was also expensive!  We now cook our own meals and it’s not only saved us a lot of money, but we feel better for it too. So now when our little boy starts crawling and walking, we’ll be able to chase after him!
6. Remain Positive!
No matter what happens, remain positive. When all of the above happened to me (pretty much all at the same time!) I freaked out, and when I say freaked out, I mean it was the peak of my anxiety and depression and I didn’t want to leave my home – Ever! If you ever feel like you’re losing grip of your tidiness, slipping slightly with your organisation or losing track of your money, do not panic! Ask for help and remain positive. All will work out in the end. Trust me, I know!
If only I knew these 5 years ago, I might be in a better situation than I am now, but hey, we got there in the end! 



  1. 27/10/2016 / 7:31 pm

    Ugh organising money is the most difficult thing to do as an adult! aha! xx

  2. 29/10/2016 / 12:55 pm

    I agree so much with remaining positive! I feel like my life would have been so much easier as I was growing up if I'd just remembered to stay positive, and that things are never as bad as they seem.


  3. 04/11/2016 / 4:32 pm

    Absolutely! That's the main things I wish I could have told my younger self…

  4. 09/11/2016 / 9:42 pm

    Tbh I know I've still got things to learn too, even now! 🙂

  5. 11/08/2017 / 9:04 am

    These are such useful tips, I’m 20 and have been living with my boyfriend for 2 years now, he’s still so messy but I’m getting a lot better now! I end up tidying his crap up for him because I can’t stand seeing it laying around the place. We also used to eat out all of time but are now cooking meals a lot more often and this is saving us so much money now! Loved reading this post, thanks for sharing! X

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