Travelling at 8 Months Pregnant

If you haven’t seen on Twitter, I’m away on holiday at the moment. To add to this, I’m also 8 months pregnant. I currently have just over 4 weeks left till my due date and to say I’m huge is an understatement! As I’m currently away (and because I totally forgot to schedule my last post for this week!) I thought I’d share a few tips for travelling whilst heavily pregnant.

Bring lots of drink with you – No doubt you will get thirsty. I’ve been finding I’ve been needing a lot of water recently so I’ve always made sure I’ve had a bottle of water/squash at hand.
Make sure you’re always near a restroom – This is a no brainer really… It’s common knowledge that pregnant women need to go to the toilet a lot, and have no warning when they need to! Luckily we’ve been staying on quite a quiet and small island so our cottage is just a 5 minute drive down the road. Make sure before you leave your accommodation that you pop to the loo to prepare yourself!
Take regular naps! – I’ve been finding I’ve been getting extremely exhausted as we’ve been up to so much. Some people may think this is lazy but if you feel tired, have a nap! It doesn’t need to be a long one, but you will feel much better and not so tired when it’s gets to the  evening. 
Bring a mini hospital bag – Although I’ve had no complications which could cause early labour, you never know what could happen, and you don’t want to be caught off guard! I packed a small hospital bag with some nappies, baby grows, a blanket, my hospital notes and a few more bits and pieces just in case anything happened. Better to be safe than sorry!
Sorry this post is quite lacking! I’m writing this on my phone at 11:30pm on our last day before the long trip home, when I frantically realised I had no post prepared for the end of this week! Let me know if you have any tips for travelling whilst heavily pregnant, I’d love to hear them! 
Hope your having a good evening!
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