Top Places to Visit in Essex

I’m sure I’m not the first person to say that Essex has got a bit of a reputation – not going to mention any TV shows in particular which may have influenced this… But all I’ll say is I’m not the biggest fan. I think it’s one of those ‘You either love it or hate it’ TV shows. Essex is rather different to how the TV show depicts. I’ve lived in Essex my whole life, and I’m most definitely not you’re typical ‘Essex’ girl, so I thought it would be fun to share with you my favourite places to go in Essex, which don’t get enough credit from elsewhere. Essex is a beautiful county! You never know, you might just fancy having a mini break away in Essex so I’m here to show you around over the power of the internet!

My favourite beach area in Essex. Depending on what type of day you would like depends on which beach I’d recommend. Clacton has more to do on the pier and usually tends to be busier, but If you’d prefer the quieter day I’d recommend either Walton or Frinton. My family even has a tradition where we go on an evening walk to either of these beaches on Christmas Eve!
Colchester Zoo
If you’re looking for a full day out with the family, Colchester Zoo is the place to go. It has over 260 species of animals and it is huuuge (compared to other zoo’s I’ve been to anyway)! Colchester Zoo is a place I’ve been visiting since I can remember, and I have always loved it. Even now, nearly in our mid-20’s, my Husband and I love to have a day out there occasionally. 
Lakeside Shopping Centre
This shopping centre seems to be the hub for shopping in Essex. I do tend to agree however as if I want a good long shopping trip, it’s lakeside I go to! Lakeside is a pretty big shopping centre with surrounding retail parks so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. 
Tiptree Tearooms and Jam Factory
Throughout most of Essex are a number of Tiptree Tearooms, and they are gorgeous! I was even lucky enough to have one of these tearooms situated in the little village I grew up in! The list of tearooms can be found on their website. Not only are there beautiful tearooms, in Tiptree itself there is a tearoom with the Jam Factory museum attached to it. Not a huge museum, but it’s nice to have a little walk around after eating some gorgeous sandwiches and cakes.
Maldon Promenade
Another beautiful area to visit for a day out. The area is surrounded by the banks of the river Black Water and looks beautiful with all the boats moored up. In the Summer there is also a lovely childrens water park area. It has lots of cafe’s and opportunities to grab yourself an ice cream! Again, I grew up visiting Maldon every year so it holds a lot of memories for me.
Adventure Island Theme Park
Located in Southend-on-sea, this beach definitely has a lot going on, and Adventure Island is just one of them! The theme park is on the sea front and, although small, it’s such a fun place to go to with friends and family. Once again, it’s a place I grew up going to as my grandparents live near Southend, so I have a lot of memories running around as a child in the park.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this travel themed post. Like I said before, Essex is a beautiful county with lots of countryside and things to do. These are just a few of my favourite places to go in Essex and I’m sure others who live in Essex would have their own favourites too! If you live in Essex, let me know in the comments your favourite places, or if you’ve visited Essex before, what did you get up to?
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